About Us

-Hello and welcome to Nailbea nails! The girls who get it, get it.

Three words to describe us: classy, boujee and novel. We bring you a range of nail designs - but not just any cheap plastic sets: all of our nails are press ons! This is because we supply all of our nail sets with two sheets of adhesive tabs so that nails can be temporarily placed on the nails and taken off easily too, whilst providing a firm and secure fit. Our nails are designed to add that extra touch to your outfit, whilst not burning holes in your wallet. 

Our story started from my own personal experience as a young fashion-loving Muslim female. Glued manicures are not compatible with parts of my faith (for reasons that can be explained upon request) but I love them so much! The girls who get it, get it. It can be tedious waiting all month for that special week - but those few days fly by so fast and then its another waiting game till next time! Time and time again, events will come and go yet I'm not able to have that manicure that so beautifully completes my 'fit. Salon manicures can cost £40/50+ - yet for 7 days, is it really worth it? With our press on nails, you can press them on but very easily remove them before ablution, and stick them on after. Sounds too good to be true, huh?

This was made all the more difficult when I started working in a hospital. For patient safety and infection control, I wasn't able to have my nails done even for that special time of the month. I was glueing nails on for the weekend and then brutally trying to peel them off in time for Monday morning. I've heard from my friends outside of the healthcare field, that they too work in professions where manicures simply aren't compatible. Working with elderly people in care homes, preparing food in restaurants, or simply in corporate jobs where it is seen as 'unprofessional' - no one seems to let us working women have them on! With your press on nails, you can take them off in time for your 9am start and put them back on for that post-work dinner with the girls straight after!

On top of that, I've found glue to be extremely damaging to the nail bed as well. It takes ages to fully come away. And is it just me or have your nails thinned and become more brittle after several uses of nail glue? Press on nails allow you to have manicures temporarily, allowing your nails to breathe and optimise nail care.

That's why I've come up with Nailbea Nails. And that's why we take pride in being a) Prayer/faith friendly b) Work friendly. We love a good boss woman out here but not at the expense of these little delicacies in life! It's changed the fashion scene for me - to be able to have salon standard manicures, whilst not compromising my faith or professionalism at work. I've brought to life my vision of being that girl who's always got a lush french manicure / ombre nails done. We hope you enjoy it all the more! 

Let us know what you think in the reviews section - good or bad, we want to hear it all. We really appreciate any feedback or suggestions you can give us to help improve our brand. 

Lots of love, NB