Nailbea Subscription

As our business has grown, we’ve noticed a huge influx of returning customers coming back to try out something new. We’re so appreciative of the support and have therefore launched this subscription scheme. For just over 25p a day, we’ll be sending you the best seller of the month during the first week of every month. We’re so excited for you to receive a cute pink package at the start of every month without having to lift a finger!

With replacement tabs in each pack, this one set could last you pretty much the whole month if well looked after. I don’t know about you but I think that’s a lot cheaper than getting them done at the salon every month - not to mention the removal process! 

Just to give you an idea of what our best sellers have been since we’ve launched:

SEPT 2022 - Classic French Manicure 

OCT 22 - Modest Street x Petite Ombré 

NOV 22 - Fine Tip French Manicure 

DEC 22 - Coffin Fine White Tip 

JAN 22 - Classic French Manicure 

FEB 22 - Classic Ombré Coffin Set  

For any month there’s a repeat best seller we’ll be sending our second best seller. Refund and returns conditions apply as per our standard policy. We hope you girls love this subscription service, and look forward to a pink package every month!