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Plain Bow Accent French Manicure Press On Nails

Plain Bow Accent French Manicure Press On Nails

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These are a set of Bow Accent French Manicure Press On Nails. These nails are a classic french manicure with super fine white tips for all our boujee gals, with white bow detailing on the accent nails. If you like the thin tips on their own without the bow accent, you can choose to not include this in your manicure! This is for our simple girls who are feeling something different from our best selling classic french manicures/ombre nails. Super elegant, super classy and super chic! They look extremely professional and have often been mistaken for a salon set - at only a fraction of the price!

We offer a pack of 24 that come in varying sizes for each fingernail to ensure that you can play around with the different sizes, and choose a size that suits you the best. The medium size nail measures 1.75x1.8cm :)


All our nail sets are delivered in elegant gift boxes, making them an ideal gift ❤️ Orders for multiple sets will be sent out in separate packages in case they are not just for yourself (although if you would like them to be in one package as this is more eco-friendly, then please drop us a message!). Each order comes with:

Nails x24
Nail adhesive tabs x12 (nail glue is extremely damaging for the nails so we don’t support its use!)

Nail prep:
Please prepare your nail beds before applying our nails to make them as long lasting as possible! Simply buff your natural nails and give them a quick clean (e.g. using hand sanitiser). Stick an adhesive tab onto the back and press it down firmly on your nail for a few seconds.

We take pride in the longevity of our nails and can reassure you that you do not need to worry about wearing gloves for cleaning/manual work as we are confident that they can withstand most things! Our nails have a super sleek shine to prevent you needing to apply a top coat to seal it. The average wear for a set of nails is 12-14 days.


We try our best to deliver quality items, but due to the large volumes of orders that we receive and masses of stock handled - please be aware that there may be sight discrepancies (in addition to/less than) the 24 nails aforementioned. We believe the items are true to image but due to handling international mass production, there may be imperfection on very few of the nails. If this affects you, please contact us for a replacement. 

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