What does each set of nails include?

Each set will come with 24 nails of varying sizes and two strips of adhesive tabs. We also throw in a thank you card and free small gift to thank our customers for supporting our brand.

How do I know which size is for me?

We call our nail sets 'one size' which means anyone with any sized hand/fingernails can buy it. This is because each pack has 24 nails of different sizes - so what fits one person's middle finger may fit a larger person's smaller finger. We are confident that in our packs of 24, every individual can find a combination of nails that fits their nail sizes :) 

I've heard that your nails are called 'prayer friendly' - how is this?

Unlike most false nails, ours does not come with glue - rather it comes with adhesive tabs. This means you can press on the nails and remove them before wudhu, which would be extremely difficult if the nails were applied with glue. Then you can perform ablution after the nails have been removed, and within a few seconds, reapply them after ablution is complete. just for discretion - we are not saying that the nails are water permeable and that you can perform ablution with them on.

How secure are your nails if they are press on?

Whilst I appreciate that there may be concern about the security of nail fit and longevity, if they are supposedly easy to remove before ablution - I can assure you that there is nothing to worry about. Our adhesive tabs are of super high quality so they lose wear after several uses. Just because they are easy to remove before ablution, this does not mean that they will also come off with other daily tasks. Our nails are resistant to moving and being removed with normal daily activities that involve the hands e.g. opening cans of drinks, opening door handles, applying make-up etc. The key is to peel them from the corners and there are several demonstrations of this on our social media pages.

How do we use the adhesive tabs?

Again there are plenty of demonstrations of this on our social media pages. But essentially, each pack comes with two strips of adhesive tabs. You find a nail size that suits your finger/toenail and then match it up to a suitably sized tab. You then peel the tab off the sheet and apply it to your fingernail directly, or onto the false nail and then stick it onto your fingernail. I prefer the latter method but each to their own. Once the tabs lose wear and you'd like to replace them, you can peel them off and reapply new tabs.

How long do they last?

There is no issue with the longevity of the nails themselves - they are not susceptible to wear and tear. We'd love to say the adhesive tabs last forever but like all things in life, they do not. How long they last will depend on how much they are used. Approximately, the nails can be worn throughout the day and taken off for ablution several times - and the tabs may lose their full adhesivity after a week or so. At this point you can reapply new tabs to the nails.

Can I use the nails more than once?

You can most definitely get several wears out of each set of nails. Once you've worn the nails with the tabs and take them off, that doesn't mean you cannot put them back on again. You can wear them over and over again until you feel that the tabs are not sticky enough. Then you can remove the tabs and throw them away, and apply new ones. You never need to throw the nails away, just the tabs. 

How are your nails 'work friendly'?

As a working woman from a healthcare background, I was not allowed to have a manicure for infection control reasons. Therefore having a salon manicure was never an option in my life, even for the days that I did not need to be doing ablution. That's why press on nails were such a useful item to have in my life and I am sure other women in healthcare can relate. 

However after speaking to my friends, I have learnt that it is not only women in healthcare who are not allowed to have manicures. Some women are in professions where manicures are not compatible either - be it for professional reasons (e.g. in an office setting) or for infection control reasons as well (e.g. working with elderly people, working in the food industry etc).

My nails are work friendly because you can take them off before work, do your job, come back and be glammed up with a cute manicure for the evening! Super handy if you have a special occasion on after work.


We try our best to deliver quality items, but due to the large volumes of orders that we receive and masses of stock handled - please be aware that there may be sight discrepancies (in addition to/less than) the 24 nails aforementioned. We believe the items are true to image but due to handling international mass production, there may be imperfection on very few of the nails. If this affects you, please contact us for a replacement.